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Academisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht


azM has clearly mapped out its objectives. Goals that contribute to realizing a hospital in which the care centers are immediately recognizable, where care processes have been set-up more efficiently and where patients have a clear overview from the start.


With the help and dedication of OCS+ Steelcase, azM has developed and implemented its very own, innovative furnishing concepts. The basis for these concepts are The New Way of Working and Planetree. The Changing Workplace, a particularization of The New Way of Working, views the work environment as a strategic tool of the organization. It takes the organization’s (brand) values as a starting point in the development of an office furnishing concept. The Planetree concept supplies the blueprint for innovative buildings.


The new eye clinic, the staff restaurant and the Bridge Poli out-patient clinic, are a few of the projects that OCS+ Steelcase have been involved with at the azM. The projects have produced innovative buildings. Intuitive complexes where doctors and patients can easily find their way in a friendly environment. It has also become a place where all square meters are used to the maximum and that have led to cost savings. They have – very importantly – come together with a great deal of support from within the organization.

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