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  • OCS Design Studio
  • 2017
  • 500m2
  • 25
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  • Ontwerp en Realisatie



A transition in leadership is causing change within every organisation. Very often, it is also the perfect situation to develop a new working environment. That is why Bergfood chose to hire OCS+ for creating a new working environment. An environment that is not only perfectly fitting into the business of Bergfood, importing Mediterranean consumer goods, but something which is also congruent with the situation, modern world and market where Bergfoods’ activities takes place. Bergfood is looking for an environment which is entirely covering the identity of the organisation and employees towards stakeholders. This environment has to be characterizing for the standards and values of the entire organization.


This project is turn-key delivered by OCS+. The old working environment had to be renewed with high quality standards, thus in this case turn-key delivering was in this case a big advantage as well for Bergfood as for OCS+. Through approaching this project financially efficient, we were able to deliver an high-quality environment within the pre-determined budget. Together with meaningful stakeholders within this organisation we established the most important needs and wishes. This information is used to produce mood boards which was making different concepts visual. Bergfood acknowledged that mood boards were simplifying the process of choosing for a final concept. It was also for Bergfood more clear that we were producing a final concept in a structural and understandable way.


This working environment is focusing on the identity of Bergfood. In this design the use of modern and natural materials is key. New logo’s and branding of Bergfood are applied to their new working environment. When furnishing this new working environment a lot of attention has been paid to natural and sustainable products. This is really noticeable when looking to color-usage and material usage. It is evident that for example oak wood is used a lot within its entire design. Besides that, there is also a strong focus on state-of-the-art spaces in this office concept. Spaces which designed to let everyone within the organisation develop, and guarantees that everyone is making use of the right tools if it comes to technology, focus and collaboration. Many of these spaces are furnished with Moooi carpets and OCS Private Label chairs. As a ‘Finishing Touch’, two artists from the city of Amersfoort made an artificial olive tree which is made of wood residues. This is situated in the middle of the office which is creating an effect where it seems to be that the tree is growing through the office.

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