It's all about a great employee experience

At the same time, the competition for talent has never been more fierce. The global unemployment rate is as low as it’s been in over a decade, according to the International Labour Organization, and is even lower among the world’s wealthiest countries, which means people have options. Every industry is looking for new ways to lure top talent and keep them. The problem is even more heightened for STEM—science, technology, engineering and math—positions. For example, in India, the shortage of skilled STEM talent doubled from 2014 to 2018, according to job site Indeed, and the U.S.


The importance of dedicated creative spaces in the workplace

Why do we need dedicated creative spaces?

When do you feel your most creative?  Can you really be expected to collaborate efficiently and generate new ideas if you’re in an environment that is noisy, where you are interrupted or you don’t have the right tools to make your ideas visible, get inspired or share your ideas freely.


What are millennials looking for in a workplace?

As we know, new ways of working mean new perspectives on design so it will come as no surprise that Gen Y seem to be looking for some more advanced features in the places they choose to work. Prospective employees have more control than ever before – millennials are more fluid and willing to move from job to job than previous generations so companies are now having to do more and offer more to attract and retain new talent.

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