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Duurzaamheidsfabriek Leerpark


The building serves a learning object. The applied techniques, installations and solutions are being used as a case study by the students and have been made visual in the design. This takes a truly modern office with an open character and an industrial feel. A place where students can get introduced to business and technology. A supporting furnishing for the several office activities is essential here. The furnishing needs to offer employees a good choice between individual and collaboration workplaces.


Analysis of the work and study processes. Strategic thinking about the role and use of the ‘Sustainability factory’ in close cooperation with Turntoo, Philips, Desso and Interwand. Designing and furnishing the office floor, delivery of the furniture from the Steelcase collection. Installation of the products and the furniture. The fourth floor of the Duurzaamheidsfabriek has been completely furnished on the basis of the Circular Model. Furnishing according to the principles of the circular economy provides an alternative view on production, ownership, responsibility and recycling. Turntoo emphasizes on the decrease of performance not of products. For this factory, OCS+ delivers work comfort rather than furniture.


An environment that radiates transparency, to be used for office space and for meeting and conference purposes. A forced mix of individual flexible workplaces, collaboration workplaces and informal meeting spaces. Sleek design furniture by OCS+ Such as the Think, Bics and Node chairs and the BeFree lounge and FrameOne and Fliptop tables from the Steelcase range.

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