OCS+ is founded in 1999 as Office Concept Solutions which was based in Eindhoven. In the earlier years, the activities were mainly focused on furnishing environments. After a few years, OCS+ was developing itself towards an organisation what is designing high quality, sustainable designs. Designs which are affordable and stimulating innovation.

In 2004 OCS+ changed its name to OCS Workplaces. It also entered a new market but the initial vision of creating designs that are affordable and stimulating innovation remained within the company. In these years, the company has already grown to 10 employees. Still, the main purpose of the company was creating environments that are inspiring and where innovation is the key focus.
Since OCS+ is founded, it has had an extensive collaboration with Steelcase. This partnership is strengthened with the acquisition of Steelcase’s businesses in Amsterdam. This acquisition has brought new opportunities and insights to OCS+ in terms of knowledge, inspiration, and solutions. 
Currently, OCS+ is one of the largest independent concept, design and project management organisation in the Netherlands. We are still focusing on stimulating innovation within our client’s organisation. Besides, we promise that we are creating inspiring environments where employees do have the opportunity to excel.  All of our 40 employees are communicating this vision to our clients. This is how we would like to satisfy every single employee with an organisation after delivering a new environment.


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