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  • D /Dock
  • 2018
  • 9000
  • 1000
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  • Realisatie

Microsoft Nederland

In collaboration with D /DOCK we delivered this Microsofte office in Schiphol. This 'Micro Polis' concept developed by D /DOCK is based on Microsoft's vision of driving digital transformation for a more meaningful world.

This transformed the office building into a hub. A public space where employees, partners, start-ups, scale-ups, students and children are very welcome. A home away from home. A healing office that boosts the health and happiness of its residents, users and visitors. For a new culture and community – one where people feel free and inspired to drive the positive digital transformation of our society.

Since the opening in November 2018, this project has already received a lot of positive publications, here’s a selection (all in Dutch):


'Micro Polis’ is the new conception of a company headquarters that goes far beyond the norm.

It is an open hub, a Business Community, a public place that welcomes employees, partners, the public, aspirants, customers, students and children. It is a home away from home, a healing environment, which boosts health and happiness. It is the centre of a new community and the emanating source from which a new culture and a digital transformation of society will spread.


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