Mission and Vision

Who We Are

OCS+ is an organization which improves the lifestyle and efficiency of organizations and their employees by offering integrated, activity-based and custom-made working environments. Our clients comes from different backgrounds. From big corporate financial institutions to high-tech companies and start-ups, but also the health industry and educational projects, we can deliver a working environment for everyone. We strive to create working environments in deep collaboration with our clients and other stakeholders. Following this principle we would like to stimulate creativity and productivity which will result in inspirational and innovational solutions.


Creating inspiring and innovative working environments which enables every organisation to let their own employees collaborate and excel together.


OCS+ transforms wishes and needs within an organization to an inspirational, sustainable and innovative design. By following a human-centered design method we are creating environments which fosters both the performance of the organization as the people who are working in this environment. We are delivering this promise not only by using our own insights but also through stimulating co-creation with the client. Together we want to create the most optimal environment which will result in top-quality delivery.

Our Expertise

OCS+ is not only focusing on physical working environments, but also looking for opportunities how organizations can improve productivity, creativity and collaboration within their organization. By integrating architectural, circular and technological solutions in once, we are creating environments which does perfectly fit the organization’s needs. We understand the environment you need to get along with the technology of tomorrow. OCS+ is offering sustainable solutions which allows you to constantly adapt to the evolving changes in technology, operations and workforce.

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