The Changing Workplace


"Without innovation we stand still. And stagnation means decline . We want to move forward."

Convinced that everything around us can always be better , more efficient and sustainable, both for humans and organizations, we have developed The Changing Workplace method.

Using The Changing Workplace method, the corporate identity of your organization becomes visible and truly tangible. A balanced and inspiring working environment for the entire organization , in which everyone , both employees and customers, are feeling supported and involved. We call it brand management.

By making the work environment a strategic resource within the organization groundbreaking collaborations are being stimulated. Positive, productive employees and an enthusiastic team of ambassadors within your organization become a fact. Please, watch below how The Changing Workplace can work for you.






The Changing Workplace Method 


Working individually


Having personal spaces to focus, conduct private conversations or withdraw for a while, adds important dimensions to the workplace.

An inspiring ‘I Zone’ which offers the possibility to get away from the crowds, without actually going away, supports mindfulness and authenticity for each individual.

Inspired by our research , we have developed different approaches that identify privacy within a working environment.

The best option for any organization depends on the company culture, worker mobility, strategy, processes and protocols.


Meeting others


In recent years, work has changed dramatically. Tasks are more varied and more challenging, increasingly mobile and more distributed. Workers have places where they can relax or work without being disturbed . Regardless of the fact that employees in organizations work longer and harder, they need a physical environment that not only supports them, but also re- energizes and inspires them.

Bring the comfort of home to the office and create the best place to work in. That is how you change the physical character and social experience of the workplace. It promotes a shift in work culture.



Working together


Sometimes the people with the best skills to solve problems are all at the same place, but in most cases, this is rare. One of new skills that are required of employees today is the ability to work together successfully in different locations, time independent and with multiple devices. The general expectation of working together is to be faster, smarter and more innovative. This is difficult enough when you are sitting next to your teammates that you can see, hear and understand.

Spaces for teams that make it possible to work in different ways, and the ability to easily share information with a team at a distance, that is the idea. That is how meetings become faster, smarter and more innovative than ever before.

It's a fact that a stand-up meeting is more dynamic and results in saving 30% of the time per person. That creates  significant cost savings as well as it being a much more effective working day.




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