Project Management

When creating your new working environment, a beautiful and inspiring design is extremely important. But do not underestimate the importance of its implementation. We are convinced that a project that is flexibly integrated in your organisation will be profitable in both the short and long term. Therefore, we also offer an extensive project management program. Our Project Managers relieve you of all concerns related to the process of building/renovating, furnishing and moving that will start after completing the definitive design.  Our Project Manager is your primary point of contact during the entire building phase.

Project management is indispensable

When implementing a project, multiple parties are often involved, which means that situations arise in which the parties are unaware of what is happening or when. Because we want the whole process to run problem-free, we offer a comprehensive project management program. Our project management role comprises: chairing the construction meetings, managing the plan and monitoring the quality and the process. Our Project Managers facilitate the communication on site or remotely throughout the process. The process involves moving furniture, making structural changes as well as coordinating the subcontractors and suppliers. Of course they are also available to help with all the other operational aspects.


When implementing a project, multiple parties work to arrive at the best result. We aim to ensure that everything is communicated as clearly as possible. The Project Manager works together with the Account Manager, Workplace Consultant, Interior Architect and our Customer Support Department to guarantee that the intended result is correctly achieved, in a way that means that you do not have to be in contact with all of the different departments within OCS+. We digitally keep track of the progress, undesired non-conformities and questions that arise during the work, so that you have a clear and transparent impression of the current situation within the process. 

Reliable service

Due to our flexibility and hands-on approach to project management, we guarantee you a reliable service. You can be confident that your project will be completed to the agreed quality, plan and design.

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