Service Request

Do you have any questions or remarks about a specific product in our product line or would you like to indicate any damage? Contact us and we will try to help you out immediately! Collect all useful information and sent this as a service request to our customer support. They will look into your request and contact you as soon as possible!


Where can I see the product id of a particular product?

The product id is always included in the order confirmation. Not able to track this down anymore? The product id is also printed on the downside or inside of a product.

I am not able to upload multiple pictures in once. Is this correct?

Unfortunately, you are indeed not able to upload multiple pictures in once. If you have multiple pictures to substantiate your reclamation, we advise you to put all the photos in one PDF file and upload it anyway.

Is there a maximum period of indicating damage of defects?

There will be a difference in warranty depending on which product you bought. Nevertheless, we would like to be informed if anything is not adequate. Therefore we recommend you to always report us about damage of defects. Together we will try to find a reasonable solution for the problem you might have.

Is it also possible to change orders by filling in this form?

No. Currently, we are only using this form to report defects and damages. If you would like to change your details or orders, we kindly ask you to contact the responsible sales person.


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