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Current generations have changed along with all the influences of the New Way of Working, having quick stand-up meetings, sending a status update while walking, informal consultations, e-mailing from remote locations or sending WhatsApp messages at a quiet moment. For this reason, Steelcase has developed the office chair Gesture. The new Steelcase Gesture office chair has been created specifically for the new generation of tablet and smartphone owners. The ergonomics of the chair is made in a such a way that it should be as comfortable as possible to use iPhone, smartphone, tablet or laptop while sitting down.

Steelcase thinks along with its customers and was one of the first to introduce this type of office chairs, with "The New of Sitting" being synonymous to this chair. This revolutionary Gesture Steelcase office chair has been designed in such a way that comfortable, seated mobile working and conferencing is supported anytime and anywhere. The freedom of movement that this Gesture Steelcase desk chair offers and comfortable support for the arms give your body a better rest. 

Steelcase Gesture Design 

The armrests of the Steelcase Gesture desk chair flow behind the back, like an embrace. As a result, functional sitting sideways is made ​​possible. The Gesture chair by Steelcase was designed to ensure maximum sitting comfort whilst providing freedom of movement. The armrests provide plenty of support, lowering the burden on shoulders and shoulder blades.

Ergonomics of Steelcase Gesture

  • The seat and backrest of the Steelcase Gesture chair are working like a synchronous system. This allows the Steelcase office Gesture take a stance that very well supports the user’s lower back in "tailor-made" way.
  • The backrest moves smoothly with the user, regardless of the sitting posture, regardless of which phone or device is being used. In this way, the Steelcase Gesture office chair is an ideal application to operate the laptop, tablet, iPhone or smart phone in an office chair for long periods of time without any back problems.
  • The optimal office chair to give "The New Way of Sitting" a new dimension!


Steelcase Gesture Lifecycle

Reuse and Recycle

Steelcase Gesture is up to 92% recyclable by weight. The back cushions, seat and armrests can easily be replaced or modified at any time. 


Steelcase Gesture has been designed for a long lifespan. During the total period of use, the product does not incur any (environmentally) relevant changes.





Steelcase Gesture is made with up to 30% recycled content. Steelcase Gesture is Cradle-to-Cradle certified.


In the production of Steelcase Gesture, powder coating  paints, water-based adhesives and
VOC-free production processes are used. 




Steelcase - Gesture Adjustability

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Steelcase Gesture Brochure EN

Steelcase Gesture Brochure

Gesture Bureaustoel Cradle to Cradle


Product Environmental Profile Gesture


Environmental Product Declaration Gesture

Environmental Product Declaration

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