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The expansion, reorganisation or renewal of an organisation is often accompanied by (re)arranging the working environment. Using our ‘Workplace Transformation Program’, which we have developed in-house, together with your organisation, we create a customised working environment and at the same time generate support for the changing manner of working. The result is an environment in which your employees and customers feel helped by and committed to your company and brand. And one in which everyone can successfully and enjoyably perform. Day in day out. 

The manner in which people and organisations work (together) is changing. You can use a workplace concept that supports this new manner of working as a strategic business tool. Our concepts have been developed from the viewpoint of the human being, they bring to the fore the talents and capabilities of your employees. 

The current themes related to the new way of working (together): 

•          The impact of Technology and IT 

•          The promotion of collaboration 

•          The working environment as a secondary labour condition (HR)

•          The recruitment, development and retention of talented employees

•          The encouraging of more physical activity in the workplace

•          The importance of culture and branding

•          And of course: sustainable real estate optimisation 

To be able to find solutions for the aspects above, we work in accordance with the latest insights in the area of work processes, products, technology and architecture. Our philosophy is supported by the behavioural and workplace studies carried out worldwide by Steelcase, our business partner.

'The 5 steps in the OCS+ ‘Workplace Transformation Program’.

The OCS+ ‘Workplace Transformation Program’ finds its origins in the Design Thinking working method. This method focuses on the human being and solutions. The first two steps – the analysis and development of a customised workplace concept – provide the basis for a successful and efficient design process and eventually lead to a working environment that gives the result that you desire. 

 We are not interested in interminable meetings, weighty advice reports and endless recommendations about possible changes within your organisation. In a couple of sessions with a number of stakeholders in your organisation, we find the common thread and together with you we elaborate this into a comprehensive workplace concept and design. In these sessions, you will see that we do more than just provide advice. We clearly show you that your organisation can be successful in both the short and long term by using your working environment differently. At the end of the design phases, we provide you with a full 3D prototype that will let you experience the physical space virtually. Following your approval, together we select the subcontractors and suppliers and start building. We will create your new working environment within budget and the agreed time. And we will develop a communication plan, allowing everyone to quickly feel at home in the new environment. Extensive aftercare, with interesting and effective workshops, will guarantee the success of your new working environment.  

 This ensures that the new environment becomes your working environment. A working environment that will meet the needs you envisaged and in which everyone will be able to work enjoyably and perform successfully. Day in day out. That’s our promise. 



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