OCS Design Studio is creating inspirational environments which is adding extra value to physical and mental wellbeing of people. It is in our DNA to create designs which is build on the way people are using a certain environment. Naturally, an ideal and sustainbable environment is generated. It is not only about design, but also routing, acoustics, lightning, climate and air quality. By using the right materials, colors, shapes, rooms, products and details we are creating environments which focuses on the behavior and movements of its users.

Clear roadmap

OCS Desgin Studio follows a clear roadmap for delivering their projects. It guarantees a structured process to the final result. In a first meeting between the client and the designers a detailed overview of the current situation is created. During this meeting the client is stimulated in a creative direction to clearly state the wishes and needs of the project. Based on this an adequate plan of requirements is composed.

Subsequently, the Design Studio is developing a sketch design where the concept is visualized. This sketch design consists out of spot plan, a first 2D design and a moodboard. These inputs are enabling clients to see which adjustments are necessary in order to optimize the concept. These adjustments are processed in the preliminary draft, which will also be transformed to a 3D design when the 2D design is approved. In this phase the client is also making choices regarding colors, materials and products.

On basis of this information the final design is established. In this phase all the technical drawings are developed which are needed to implement the design. A final decision in materials and products are configured in these drawings. After that, the concept is ready for implementation. OCS Design Studio is taking care of monitoring the aesthetic aspects of the project during the implementation of the design. Hereby we guarantee a result which will cover all the wishes and needs of the client.

OCS Design Studio

Our Design Studio has:

-      Interior Architects

-      Designers

-      Engineering Designers

Take a look for our projects here! All these projects are delivered by/or in collaboration with the OCS Design Studio. Are you curious after seeing these results? Contact us and we let you know what we can do for you!

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