We create spaces that resonate

We create spaces that shine

We create spaces that astonish


Crafting work environments to empower individual excellence

We believe that a sustainable and inspiring working environment that supports all work processes is the basis for growth and self-development. A space in which every square meter is designed to let your human capital excel. Creating collaboration, promoting productivity, stimulating creativity. Spaces that resonate with people’s comfort and wellbeing.

Modern comfort to work and relax.

The fully renovated HQ of Ritchie Bros. meets all of the employees’ physical, emotional and cognitive demands. An impressive space in which employees have maximum freedom to collaborate and organize meetings wherever they want. Choice and control with increased productivity.

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Authentic. Honest. Courageous and Forward.

Organizations that work with us are not looking for security and confirmation, but for an innovative, explorative partner who looks beyond the beaten track. A groundbreaking adventurer with an indomitable urge to discover the question behind the question. This is the basis for a unique and meaningful concept.

Discover our circular principles

We do not shout from the rooftops that circularity is an important pillar for us, it goes much further than that. The conviction to lose as little as possible in this world is deeply rooted in our DNA.

Discover our principes

Over 45 years of creating brand identities

For over 45 years we have been at the forefront of designing and building prestigious work environments. We are never reactive, but always critical and determined to share our knowledge and tell our stories. Only in this way we can optimally connect ourselves with our clients and develop a concept that fits both within your brand identity and within our joint vision on collaboration. Together for change.

Sparring about your spatial challenge? Our workplace consultants are ready to help you!

Biophilic design and the circular way of furnishing fit in with our identity.

With this working environment, ProRail is ready for the future and once again fulfills its promise: the environment connects, improves and makes it more sustainable!

Facility Manager
This new working environment breathes the we-feeling in everything

This is how we want to continue

Ted Bakker
Chief Commercial Officer at State of Football
Human centered office. The building adapts to people and not the other way around.

After all, a good office is never finished and constantly develops based on the wishes and needs of the user. That is always central.

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