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Work environment Ritchie Bros.

Workplace Analytics at OCS+

Optimal workplace design based on employee input

Flexible and accurate office design
thanks to Workplace Analytics

Using Workplace Analytics, a digital form of workplace and work form analysis, OCS+ quickly identifies the different workplace needs of everyone in the organization. Because Workplace Analytics is very accessible, this method often ensures a high involvement and thus optimal engagement of your people.

Not a top-down housing plan, but a broad-based concept

Work environment Ritchie Bros.
Kantoor Harman Amsterdam

A big advantage in the 'war for talent'

A beating workplace concept to get the most out of your human capital

A question that many entrepreneurs, boards of directors and HR managers are currently thinking about is: how do we get the most out of our ‘human capital’? In other words, how do we best facilitate our employees so that they can function optimally?

After all, satisfied employees mean less absenteeism and less turnover, and thus lower costs. Indeed, being a good employer puts you ahead in the current ‘war for talent’.



In 3 steps to factbased input from your employees

Workplace Analytics provides you with one toolbox of work forms, technology and facilities that employees have indicated they need to function optimally. Valuable input that you can obtain in 3 easy steps:

  1. Involve everyone in the organization through digital research.
  2. Make a thorough analysis of the outcomes by a housing expert.
  3. Have a Workplace Consultant use this data to create an optimal concept.

A Workplace Analytics survey is completely anonymous and can be completed by anyone in just 15 minutes. This approachability ensures that, on average, 70% of employees are willing to participate.

OCS+ will be happy to help you keep this process on track.

Workplace Analytics at Ritchie Bros

In the realization of the new office environment of the world’s largest industrial auction house Ritchie Bros, a conscious choice was made for a stylish and warm design that at the same time feels very spacious. Users experience a lot of modern comfort both at their fixed workstations and in the ‘social spaces’. Through colors and small height differences, we naturally connected areas.

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Werkomgeving Ritchie Bros.
Work environment Ritchie Bros.
Work environment VodafoneZiggo
"Een volledig human centered office. Het pand schikt zich naar de mens en niet andersom"

Een goed kantoor is namelijk nooit af en ontwikkelt zich voortdurend aan de hand van de wensen en behoeften van de gebruiker. Die staat altijd centraal.


Workplace Consultant Sjef is happy to help you

Want to know more about the value of Workplace Analytics? We would be happy to tell you much more about it in our Work Life in ‘s-Hertogenbosch during a free initial meeting.

Of course you can also give us a telephone consultation first. Contact Sjef at sjef@ocs.plus or 06 55 55 16 35.


Workplace Consultant

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Leuk dat je ons e-book wilt lezen!
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