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Do you have questions or comments about a specific product or do you want to report damage or defects in products? Please contact us as soon as possible and we will help you!

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Collect as much information as possible and send it directly to our customer support department in a handy form. They will process your service request and contact you as soon as possible!

Files must be smaller than 2MB

Files must be smaller than 2MB

Frequently Asked Questions

The item number is always stated on the order confirmation. Can’t find it anymore? The article number is also stated on the bottom or inside of a product.

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to upload multiple photos at once. However, you can take several photos yourself and merge them into a PDF file. You can then upload this PDF file in its entirety on our website.

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The warranty period may differ per specific case. Nevertheless, we always like to hear when something is not right. Therefore, always report it to us, and we will look for a suitable solution together!

This form is not intended for that. If you would like to pass on changes to data or orders, please contact the relevant account manager immediately by telephone.

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