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Workplace Consultancy at OCS+

April 2022
Workshop bij OCS+
The use of the office is constantly changing, due to the influence of the economy, pandemic or culture. Because of these changes, it is necessary to look at what suits each organization. Working from home and more digital meetings have resulted in a different working method. However, the office will not disappear and the office will remain the “home base” of the organization. Why do employees still come to the office? What is the need and how does the existing office environment respond to this? With workplace consultancy, OCS+ helps companies answer these questions and realize a pleasant, functional office.

How do we do that?

Together with the customer, we look at what is needed to make a working day possible in the correct and most efficient way. On the basis of workshops, interviews and brainstorming sessions, the entire organization is scanned and the requested data is collected for a suitable workplace concept. As a result, all information will be processed and reflective of the users, the intended work processes and the culture of the organization. In this way, workplace consultancy helps to make the right choices for your new office.



OCS+ has developed a number of tools to properly and efficiently guide this process, such as a workshop. Together with the client, we analyze how an organization works now and how they want to work in the future. We also discuss the identity of the organization and how you can use this in your office. We also conduct interviews with various stakeholders in the organization, from which we gain more knowledge and insight into the process. Experience with these workshops shows that this short trajectory makes the project come alive for all those involved; texts are translated into images, organization is translated into work in space, and we get to know each other informally and learn from each other. This preliminary stage is a perfect basis for the design phase.


A unique concept

Together with the customer, a unique concept is eventually developed, of which Workplace Consultancy forms a large part. So that the experience for employees and customers is completely correct and as a result the unique and authentic elements come to the fore. After Workplace Consultancy, the new concept will be supported by all employees and OCS+ can help further in the adoption phase in order to get the most out of it in combination with the behaviour.


A stimulating work environment looks different for everyone

What is experienced as a productive workplace for one person, can be experienced as a wasted day by another. Especially when it comes to productivity, a workplace has a major impact on our performance. A workplace that is too busy, too hot or too cold can have a major impact on our performance unnoticed. Creating a perfect workplace is impossible in advance, which makes putting together a pleasant workplace for each person almost just as complicated.
Fortunately, there are several methods to discover what type of workplace suits an employee. It is therefore very important that for each type of employee it is examined what kind of workplace is experienced as pleasant. By finding out this information, we know exactly what kind of workplace fits.


Our methods for measuring your ideal work environment are:

1. Best practice: €
Based on knowledge and insights

A work environment where employees feel comfortable is a work environment where above-average performance can be delivered. According to various studies and the experience of our Workplace Consultants, we create a pleasant working environment that ensures higher productivity and better flexibility.

Is there not enough time to interview employees, set up test workplaces or test set-ups? Then immediately applying the work environment based on best practices is the fastest way to higher productivity and more motivation.


2. Interactive sessions: €€
Discovery workshop, Collaboration workshop
OCS+ organizes specially developed workshops early in the process. By means of interactive sessions with a small group of staff representatives, it is mapped out what the design must meet. We involve people from all layers of the organization: During the workshops they are asked to respond to or make a choice from a series of images. Their choice is then discussed together and summarized with keywords. All input together provides a clear and concrete picture of the direction in which to think.


3. Workplace Analytics: €€€
Our most extensive method uses a digital interview to collect all information from the organization that is needed to set up the working environment as optimally as possible.

You gain insight quickly through a visual, data-driven way. For example, which workplace concept or workplace mix best meets the needs of employees.

Our experience, in combination with smart software from Reworc, quickly generates more optimal housing scenarios that can lead to savings but also a happier organization that feels better supported.


What it generates


Involved employees
Change must be carried. It is a solution for your employees to be heard and is focused on better use of the work environment and how it performs.


Factual information based on behavior
We measure behavior and needs. By filtering emotion out of the information, we ensure smarter and faster decision-making. AND through a holistic measurement of behavior and needs, compared to wishes and needs, you create the possibility for smarter and faster decision-making.


Create scenarios
Data-driven scenarios as a basis for current and future space planning.


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A Workplace Analysis is possible at OCS+ from € 2.00 per square meter. Contact us for a comprehensive analysis of your working environment!

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