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We create circular environments for people, planet & profit

June 2022
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The vision of OCS+ is to create circular interiors. With our knowledge, we design sustainable and inspiring work environments by intelligently using and reusing resources to promote the well-being of employees, organizations and the planet.

“We design workplace concepts based on products with a conscience”


Our circular principles

Human Centered Design in the development of new solutions. Launching new sustainable products that contribute to people’s well-being, that’s what we aim for.

Offering circular products is in our DNA. Our products do not contain any harmful substances and largely consist of recycled raw materials.

Certificates are available for all of our offered items. We only work with partners who produce sustainably.

Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) form the basis for the production of these products. This way you can be sure of a fair product and a minimal ecological footprint.

Our starting point is to reduce the footprint as much as possible by using Re-Used raw materials and even re-using existing products.

We re-use existing products out of a passion for sustainability. We reuse, reupholster, clean and recycle products in every sustainable office concept.

Value for Furniture simply means that we give money back for your existing inventory. We ensure that all items that you want to get rid of are taken back by OCS+.


Circular thinking

The circular approach of OCS+ offers smart transport, sustainable packaging materials, quality furniture and adaptable workplace concepts. By choosing to lease instead of buy, you are taking an important step in further reducing your CO2 footprint.

When furniture is no longer needed, OCS+ can take it back and refurbish it for reuse, extending its lifespan.


Circular leasing

Not only purchase is one of the possibilities:

+Don’t invest but lease

+Maximum reuse requires a usage contract instead of a purchase contract.

+We offer a flexible model, in which the interior and costs change with the needs.

+After the contract term, we will take the product back and give it a new destination.

+The lease term is variable from 24 – 72 months.

+All lease contracts are on an Operational Lease basis.

+Existing products can also be refinanced after maintenance.

+All lease contracts come with a service contract (1% per year of the replacement value)


There are 3 options at the end of the base lease term:

+Leasing of the current work environment.

+Request a takeover proposal to own the work environment. We always offer to deliver the working environment refurbished so that it can be used again for a longer period of time.

+End of the lease term. The lease objects are then taken back by OCS+, refurbished and used again.


Circular model
Circulaire lease

Circularity & Sustainable Development Goals

We do not shout from the rooftops that circularity is an important pillar for us, it goes much further than that. The conviction to lose as little as possible in this world is deeply rooted in our DNA.

To make a real impact, we take the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations as a starting point.


Wesley Bosma on Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility means a way of conducting business and providing services in which social interests and integrity are central. Our contract portfolio largely consists of projects that can be characterized as socially good. As a result, the social component is naturally present in our work.

Our domain concerns the realization of innovative custom furnishing concepts. As a specialist in activity-oriented working, we want to translate the vision by connecting ourselves with the organization and safeguarding its ideas. We adopt a flexible attitude in this respect, idiosyncratic if possible. We operate as a modular shop for concept, design and realization. We consider the integrated office design as an important strategic tool.

OCS+ sees the architecture in a building as an integral part of a well-functioning working environment. Architecture supported with Furniture, Branding and Technology ensure a balanced working environment in which employees can get the best out of themselves.

Expertise OCS+

We aim for conscious based design

We can advise you on sustainable products and development. The pillars under our design philosophy are:

  • Products contain recycled material as much as possible.
  • Strive to reduce the number of parts and ensure fast and
    easy disassembly and recycling.
  • Products are free of heavy metals and harmful substances.
  • Opting for smaller packaging volumes to save fuel and to reduce and preferably eliminate CO2 emissions.
  • Monitoring the recyclability of our products


We only work with suppliers who, in addition to the ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 standards, have a clearly demonstrable environmentally friendly production process. Our suppliers produce exclusively with recyclable products and offer transparency in the production process. This ensures that no harmful substances are released during production, no energy and water is wasted, waste is kept to a minimum and that a long lifespan of at least ten years can be guaranteed.

The Life Cycle Analysis is a scientific process that measures the environmental impact over the entire life cycle of a product.



To guarantee that ‘old’ products are handled properly at the end of the life cycle, we ask our partners to provide insight into what happens to the products. We can therefore advise organizations on the selection and application of ‘end of cycle’ solutions. In collaboration with suppliers, recyclers, sellers and charities, we offer a range of solutions and ideas for reusing contract furniture.

  • Recycling, reduction of residual and landfill waste;
  • Resale;
  • Sale or donation to charities or associations;
  • Regenerative; by refurbishing products for reuse


All our project furniture is easy to disassemble. This encourages refurbishment and reuse by a new customer.

Think chair Steelcase

Designing for wellbeing: Develop a culture of wellbeing

Today there is a new opportunity to use workplace design to promote a holistic state of well-being for people at work.

When organizations provide work environments that support users’ control, natural elements and daylight and changing attitudes, they relate to people’s physical and psychological health and increase engagement, creativity, innovation and retention.

Good workplace design promotes well-being, leading to success for organizations.

View our sustainable projects:

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Human Centered Design, VodafoneZiggo Utrecht 

The office of the future, Vodafone Maastricht  

Beyond the office, Microsoft Nederland

An inclusive and sustainable interior, DSO Utrecht

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