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Towards a healthy and active 2022

December 2021
Make Home Work
2021 is almost over and so it is time to look ahead to a new year with new opportunities and new challenges. Despite the fact that the past year has caused severe social and economic disruption, it has also been a very instructive year. Based on what we have experienced this year, the following points are central to us in 2022:

1. Stay active!
It may be difficult to keep moving when everything is indoors. Nevertheless, try to teach yourself to exercise enough. It really does keep you much healthier!

2. Stay Connected!
It is sometimes difficult to drag yourself to a digital drink again or to schedule a digital coffee moment. But remember that this does make you feel connected to your colleagues and the organization you work for. Make clear agreements about this and make sure that no one feels alone!

3. Demarcate your home workplace!
Even if you work from home, this does not mean that you have to be constantly busy with your work. Make sure that your workplace is clearly demarcated within your home environment. In this way you can also clearly distance yourself from your work when you need it while working from home.



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