Along with Steelcase and more than 800 dealers worldwide, we are working on global research and innovative product solutions for our local customers. By sharing the leading insights with you and by answering questions, we will gladly help you to create work environments that inspire and motivate your employees and involve them in changing processes. Steelcase annually invests $15 million into these insights in the field of work processes, products, technology and architecture.


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Steelcase 360 magazine Fast Forward

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Fast Forward

The office you remember is gone. Imagine in its place a workplace in harmony with the new ways in which you work. An immersive landscape where artificial intelligence and virtual reality come together to help you solve complex problems. A place where you move to intuitive workspaces, connected conference rooms, comfortable lounges. Each day’s demands are different, and you wake up excited to meet them. Read more about these issues in this latest edition of Steelcase 360-magazine.


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Inside Innovation

Learn. Experiment. Create.

These are the essential ingredients necessary to solve today’s complex problems. Yet, so many organizations struggle to achieve this mindset. What can they do to inspire this shift? This issue of 360 explores how learning and innovation are linked and how the newest Steelcase Learning and Innovation Center is designed to support this critical relationship by creating habitats that activate a culture shift and foster the habits necessary for constant learning.


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The Creative Shift  

As problems become more complex we see that our innate creativity more and more is becoming the essential element in how we work. See how Steelcase and technology leader Microsoft have combined efforts to envision a workplace that accelerates the shift to creative work by supporting all the conditions it needs to thrive. Read our insights about Creativity here. 

The Office Renaissance 360 Magazine

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The Office Renaissance 


For years, many have predicted the death of the office. Mobile technology allows us to work anywhere, so why do you need an office at all? Yet as the world becomes more complex, the places we work have never been more relevant. Work is a social activity and people need places to come together to solve problems. The office isn’t going away—it’s in the midst of a renaissance, where workplaces are becoming something fundamentally different.

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Engagement and The Global Workplace


The Steelcase Global Report is the first to explore the relationship between employee engagement and the work environment. It identifies one of the most serious issues facing leading organizations today: Only 13 percent of workers are highly engaged.

As leaders around the world struggle to find ways to engage employees, the study’s key findings affirm our belief that the places where people work make an impact and demonstrates that the workplace can be part of a holistic strategy to increase engagement.

Steelcase partnered with global research firm Ipsos for this unprecendented research effort to measure relevant dimensions of employee engagement and workplace satisfaction. 

360 Steelcase - Think Beter

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Steelcase 360 - Think Better 

We are all working hard to find a moment where we really have time for certain things. Globally, employers realize that they cannot realize all of their potential and that distraction is often the cause. Neuroscience research focuses on this fundamental problem and provides suggestions on how we can feel more supported at work. We offer new insights and ideas to help create the right environments and thus utilize your brains to the fullest extent.   


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Steelcase 360 - Making Distance Disappear

Nowadays, teamwork is a lot harder than before. New people are asked to work together successfully in different locations, time zones and countries. Sometimes those people with the best skills to solve problems are all in the same place, but most of the time this is not the case. With dispersed teams following the rise in numbers of mobile workers, the challenges that organizations face are continuously growing.

Based on its research, Steelcase is showing several interesting insights that help to stimulate an optimal cooperation.


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Steelcase 360 - Privacy Crisis

No organization can succeed if its employees are not committed to their profession. Yet there are signals more strongly than ever that too many "high potentials" are becoming unmotivated and unproductive by getting too little space to think creatively. Most work environments are designed to stimulate co-operation for many, offering privacy to just a select few. The work has become faster and more demanding. As a result, the needs of workers for privacy have escalated. The lack of privacy is for most employees the "number one complaint about their workplace."

By examining this privacy crisis worldwide , we have identified different kinds of privacy experiences that employees are seeking. We have applied these insights into our method to let you experience how privacy can be achieved. With these insights in mind, we design work environments that enhance and stimulate the performance of individuals, teams and entire organizations.



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Steelcase 360 - Wellbeing

The welfare of the employee is a hot topic and goes beyond measures for personal fulfillment. It is crucial to create the ability to allow an organization to innovate and grow. In this 360 magazine we explain the research and insights about the factors that create this welfare.

For example, work surfaces have a hidden life: They contain bacteria that can lead to employees becoming ill. Now that mobile workers are increasingly sharing desks, antimicrobials can provide the solution. 




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