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June 2022
OCS+ De Gruyter Fabriek
At OCS+ we are always on a 'journey' to find what best fits the unique needs, preferences and wishes of our clients. This makes OCS+ a real 'explorer', we are always looking for the best solutions and latest innovations. But who are the people that are working behind the scenes? And what does a true explorer look like? In this series of blogs we will introduce the people behind OCS+.

A short introduction…

“I am Ricardo Veliscek, 55 years old, I am married to Irma and have two sons, Olivier (27) and Julius (25) and I have been working at OCS+ for 16 years now. From an early age I never wanted to be a policeman or firefighter, for example. When I had to make choices in high school, I found that difficult.”

“I initially chose the hospitality industry. After a year at the Hotel School I found out that I didn’t want that. Then I started working in the hospitality industry and along the way I started studying in the evenings. A general training in sales, administration and middle class to start my own business one day. But it didn’t come to that.”

“I first ended up in sales at a company that dealt in office furniture and articles. Because there was no vacancy in furniture, I first sold office supplies for two years. That in itself was useful because you also gain knowledge of the terminology and dimensions. I took that with me in my backpack for later when selling project furniture. It was really selling by price, i.e. the best price that sold. Later I applied for a job at an importer’s company in Doetinchem. There I started as a junior salesman and eventually became commercial director.”

“I was asked by someone who worked at a supplier to come and work at OCS+. He knew me and OCS+ well and introduced me then. We first spoke for a few months and on January 1, 2007 I started at OCS+.”


“We have a great concept for one-stop shopping. We can supervise projects from A to Z. Due to the composition of our staff, we can really design, build and realize projects in teamwork.”


The explorer

“Your whole life is actually a journey of discovery. You are never too old to learn and you should always be open to learning. In my work I bring a lot of experience with me, but I also notice that the older you get, it also becomes more difficult, because everything around you goes much faster.”


My journey…

I would like to keep developing myself. And if that eventually leads to another position, another company or outside of work in my private life what I do as a hobby or as a volunteer, then that’s fine with me. As long as I can earn a living and have a good life. I have no ambitions to become a millionaire. You learn every day and you never stop learning. That applies until you die, that’s my attitude too.”


A short introduction…

“I am Giovani Kerst, Structural Engineer and Project Leader at OCS+ and I live in Sprang-Capelle. From an early age I knew what I wanted to build and renovate. So that turned out pretty well. From first building houses with Lego to now working on beautiful architectural projects at OCS+.”

“After HAVO I went to study in Den Bosch at the Avans University of Applied Sciences, specializing in Architecture. I enjoyed studying there for four years. During my education I always found visualizing my designs a challenge. Letting the building live before it actually existed was a goal in itself for me. At school I worked a lot with models, tinkering was not really my thing. But working out the 3D, that was still quite a task at the time.”

“After my studies I first worked for a system builder for 1.5 years. There I was a Calculator and Planner. That wasn’t quite my thing. I came across OCS+ by accident. There was a vacancy for Draftsman online, I applied then, had an interview and three weeks later I was here. First started as a Draftsman and slowly grew up to Project Leader and now Manager of the Studio. In itself quite a few steps have been made in almost six years.”


“The difference with the rest is that we really do and guide it from A to Z. Involve all parties needed to get a good end result. That does make the difference. One only does the design and the other only the implementation and we are one of the few that supervise everything from A to Z, that is the strength and added value of OCS+.”


The explorer

“I am usually the one who searches a little further in possibilities. Think of creating nicer films in a little less time, applying structures and updating processes. Whether in my house that I develop a home automation system that works better than average or videos at OCS+. Technically just that step better, easier, further to create something where others would stop, but for me it will and must work. I don’t stop until something works. My friends also describe me as someone who arranges everything and keeps everything in order. But also someone who is at the front of a party hahaha.”


My journey…

“I have since grown considerably at OCS+. At the moment I would like to continue to grow as a company and with our Studio. Our Studio is the point where many creative processes start. I am thinking of a larger Studio in which we really have even more different disciplines. Because with more people, we also have more power.”


A short introduction…

“My name is Inge and I have been working as a Project Coordinator at OCS+ since 2000. At the beginning of OCS+ I started with a total of five colleagues in Eindhoven. After that we moved to the Zuiderkruis where we continued our company and eventually grew to here now in De Gruyter Fabriek. I have always loved working at OCS+. I still work there with a lot of passion and pleasure, because I find the profession in which I work very challenging.”

“I first studied at the MEAO and later part-time HEAO. But before I rolled into the profession, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I am a very big animal lover and friend. Only the subjects that I had to do, of which there were two subjects that I was not very good at. Those were the compulsory subjects that I couldn’t take at the time.”

“Before I started working at OCS+, I worked at various companies. I started after my study at a bailiff’s office, which I found a very exciting job. I worked a lot with subdistrict law and lawyers. I’ve been through a lot of evictions and at a certain point it started to gnaw at me because you see a lot of suffering when you work there. After that I rolled into accountancy, I worked in security and then ended up in office furniture. I started at Meinema and then I ended up at OCS+. I was then called by Harro, one of the two founders, who heard that I was looking for a new job. OCS+ had only just started up at the time and were looking for someone for the office staff. That’s how the ball started rolling and that’s why I ended up here.”


“OCS+ has never had the vision to just ‘slide boxes’, and that is very positive. We have always the drive to create complete concepts, to explore further, to expand and to be at home in all areas of the market. That is the power of OCS+”


The explorer

“Seeing beyond your nose. In other words, being assertive is my strength. Going through it, not having a 9 to 5 mentality and ensuring that projects come to a good end. I am good at tackling large projects because that always works challenging for me.”

“In addition, two years ago I started working at a hospice and at Natuurmonumenten. A completely different branch of sport where you think in a different way than during a full-time office job. I notice that this works well for me and also changes your mindset. Especially in a hospice, which I do with a lot of love and care.”


My journey…

“My goals at OCS+ are still running the large projects. Doesn’t mean that a small project or a small order means nothing to me, absolutely not true, but I do notice that I like to work on the big projects. The challenge that comes with this is very important to me. I have to be under a certain amount of tension to challenge myself and to enjoy going to work. My strength lies in the large projects. I also like to involve new colleagues in this, to train them further and that you are there for them. That is also good for the team spirit and that they can also work on large projects later on.”

“As a Project Coordinator you are not just running an invoice or just a quotation, you are really involved in a project from start to finish and in some cases even years afterwards. For the customer you look after it is important that they have a permanent contact person and I am fully committed to this all these years. The appreciation you receive from customers is always a very nice compliment.”



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